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Hi, I’m Vicki Garcia.  I’m a Fearless Living Coach who specializes in helping smart, ambitious, peeps get out of general stuckness and leave their fear and procrastination in the dust.

I am committed to helping you create a life you love to live in.

Who am I kidding? I’m committed to showing you how to live a kick-ass life that you love to wake up to.


You’re a smart person.  I know that because you’re here, looking and my site and that, my friend, is clearly and awesome decision.  The problem is, sometimes you get stuck.  You doubt yourself.  You might be experiencing some of this:

Lying in bed at night trying to figure out what the hell happened to your life.

Worrying about shit that hasn’t happened.

Rehearsing conversations in your head.  Conversations that will likely never happen.

Feeling stuck in a job that sucks the life out of you.

Binge-watching crappy movies on Netflix.


I have a little secret for you…this is all self-induced BS.


My specialty is seeing and removing the BS that leads to you feeling stuck, overwhelmed, and like a total loser.

Here are some things my bad-ass clients have accomplished as a result of working with me:

Quit a job they hate

Get a job they love

Make loads more money

Save their marriage

Make a cross country move

Make more sales

Improve their relationship, get married and have a baby

Start a business

Grow a business

Get a promotion

Stand up to A-holes

Set boundaries with overbearing family members


My clients were able to do these things because I shared my secret sauce with them (no, it’s not drugs).

What if you could…

Take massive, focused action toward your goals.  Instead of binge-watching Game of Thrones.

Make bold moves you’ve previously been too afraid to even think about.  Hell yes, go get it!

Make more money.  Um, yeah, because when you’re no longer afraid and you’re taking massive, focused action, mo’ money follows!

Start a new career.  Yep, leaving that cruddy job that makes you feel awful and getting a job that rocks your world.

Confidently deal with the a-holes in your life.  You know you have one (or more).  Now you’ll know exactly how to shut them down.


If you’ve had the same problem for a year or more, you need an ass-kicking and that happens to be one of my superpowers!


Get it!


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